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Booking tickets

NOTE - If you are booking tickets for any events through this web site you will always be making that booking directly with the organiser. Starzina has no association with any other companies or web sites and takes no responsibility for the content on those sites or any bookings made.

Some web site will not allow bookings originating outside of their control, hence you will have to go directly to their web site.
To find a venue's web address right click on the name and then select properties.


Cinemas, theatres and places to visit represent those available throughout the country.

Hotels, restaurants, pubs and cafes featured are those we recommend are worth a visit.
Recommendations are made regardless of cost hence we strongly advise you to read the reviews and the description of the place to make sure of the suitability.

Wherever possible a link has been made to the venue's web site, however this has not always been possible in which case a link has been included to a third party site. As some of these sites are out of date it is essential that you check addresses and opening times with the venue itself.

Visiting a pub etc

We have included places mainly for the ambiance and occassionally the location. If the food is noteworthy we will have displayed 'food' or 'restaurant'.
Always read the reviews.
Bear in mind the nature of pubs can change by the day of the week and by the time of day. So Saturday night may not be the best time for a quiet pint.


Hotels are a minefield and can often be a costly mistake.
Hotels are included regardless of price as discounts can make price comparisons impossible.
READ THE REVIEWS and add your own comments if the hotel was very good or very bad.
Study their websites very carefully and ask yourself why the picture of the bedroom only showed a pillow. The quality of the furniture and the glare of the carpet are strong giveaways
Print a picture off their website to compare it with your allocated room.
When booking a 'character' hotel always make sure you are booked into the main building and not into a modern annexe.


A after 'restaurant' indicates the Michelin stars.

If you can't find any photos of the interior don't forget to try Google images. As ever read the reviews and beware of great reviews from single posters.

In Paris we have put some restaurants under 'bistro/brasserie', this shouldn't be taken as an inferior rating as the most interesting experiences can come from such establishments.

Walking and Cycling

The main walk and cycle paths are listed by area. Many thousands more are shown in the Reference section.


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