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Cinema, Theatre, Music and Comedy

Cineworld (Newport, PO30 2TA)
Medina Theatre (Newport, PO30 2DX)
Apollo Theatre (Newport, PO30 1JT)
Quay Arts (Newport, PO30 5BD)

Commodore Cinema (Ryde, PO33 2HX)

Shanklin Theatre (Shanklin, PO37 6AJ)

Ventnor Exchange (Ventnor, PO38 1SW)
Ventnor Arts Club (Ventnor, PO38 1RZ)

Places to Visit

Needles Old Battery NT (Alum Bay, PO39 0JH)

Bembridge Windmill NT (Bembridge, PO35 5SQ)
Bembridge Heritage Society (Bembridge, PO35 5SF)

Brading Roman Villa (Brading, PO36 0EN)
Lilliput Antique Doll & Toy Museum (Brading, PO36 0DJ)
Nunwell House and Gardens (Brading, PO36 0JQ)

Mottistone Garden NT (Mottistone Nr Brighstone, PO30 4EA)

Calbourne Water Mill (Calbourne, PO30 4JN)

Carisbrooke Castle EH (Carisbrooke, P030 1XY)
Carisbrooke Castle Museum (Carisbrooke, P030 1XY)

St Catherine's Oratory EH (Niton Nr Chale, PO38 2)
St Catherines Lighthouse (Niton Nr Chale)
Blackgang Chine (Blackgang Nr Chale, PO38 2HN)

Sir Max Aitken Museum (Cowes, PO31 7AJ)
Cowes Maritime Museum (Cowes, PO31 7SG)
Classic Boat Museum and Gallery (East Cowes, PO32 6AA)
Osborne House EH (East Cowes, PO32 6JX)

Dimbola Lodge (Freshwater, PO40 9QE)

Godshill Model Village (Godshill, PO38 3HH)

Steam Railway (Havenstreet, PO33 4DS)

Postal Museum (Newport, PO30 2JX)
Museum of Island History (Newport, PO30 1TYX)
Newport Roman Villa (Newport, P030 1HE)
Monkey Haven (Newport, PO30 2NB)
Shipwreck and Maritime Museum (Arreton Nr Newport, PO30 3AA)

Newtown Old Town Hall NT (Newtown, PO30 4PA)

Donald McGill Postcard Museum (Ryde, PO33 2LQ)
Isle of Wight Bus & Coach Museum (Ryde, PO33 2BE)

Wight Aviation Museum (Sandown, PO36 0JP)
Dinosaur Isle (Sandown, PO36 8QA)
Amazon World (Branstone Nr Sandown, PO36 0LX)
Isle of Wight Zoo (Yaverland Nr Sandown, PO36 8QB)

Shanklin Chine (Shanklin, PO37 6BW)

Ventnor Botanic Gardens (Steephill Nr Ventnor, PO38 1UL)
Ventnor Heritage Museum (Ventnor, PO38 1PE)

Quarr Abbey (Wootton, PO33 4ES)
Butterfly World (Wootton, PO33 4RW)

Appuldurcombe House EH (Wroxall, PO38 3EW)
Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary (Wroxall, PO38 3AA)

Yarmouth Castle EH (Yarmouth, PO41 0PB)
Island Planetarium (Yarmouth, PO41 0RR)
Fort Victoria (Yarmouth, PO41 0RR)


Needles Pleasure Cruises (Alum Bay, PO39 0JD)
The Needles Park (Alum Bay, PO39 0JD)
Beach and Fossil Hunt (Alum Bay)

Island Clay Breaks (Chale, PO38 2JH)

Allendale Equestrian Centre (Godshill, PO38 3LY)

Medina Valley Centre (Newport, PO30 5TE)
Robin Hill Adventure Park (Downend Nr Newport, PO30 2NU)

Waterside Pool (Ryde, PO33 1JA)
Island Speedway (Ryde, PO33 4BH)

Wightwater Adventure Centre (Lake Nr Sandown)

Ocean Blue Sea Charters (Ventnor, PO38 1JR)

Fort Victoria Country Park (Yarmouth, PO41 0RR)
Bouldnor Beach and Fossil Hunt (Bouldnor Nr Yarmouth)

Dinosaur Expeditions
GoodLeaf Tree Climbing Adventures
First Contact Activities
Butterfly Paragliding
High Adventure Paragliding
Hang Gliding

Countrywide Activities

Walking and Cycling

Needles Headland and Tennyson Down NT (Alum Bay, PO39 0JH)

Isle Cycle (Cowes and Sandown)
Wight Cycle Hire (Yarmouth)
Isle Walking and Cycling Routes

Isle Of Wight Walking Routes
Isle Of Wight Cycling Routes
British Walks Isle of Wight Coastal Path
Walking Britain - Isle of Wight
Wight Walks

Festivals and Shows

Isle of Wight Festival
Round the Island Race
Isle of Wight Walking Festival
Walk to St Helens Fort (Bembridge)
Cowes Week (Cowes)
Ventnor Fringe (Ventnor)

Eat, Drink and Sleep

Harbourside View (Bembridge, PO35 5NS) B&B - tripadvisor
Lockslane (Bembridge, PO35 5XN) restaurant - tripadvisor
Beach Hut (Bembridge, PO35 5TR) cafe - tripadvisor
The Farm Shop - No 8 Cafe (Bembridge, PO35 5SD) cafe - tripadvisor
Crab & Lobster (Bembridge, PO35 5TR) pub, food - tripadvisor

The Hideaway (Bonchurch, PO38) cottage - tripadvisor
Bonchurch Inn (Bonchurch, PO38 1NU) pub, food - tripadvisor

The Auctioneer (Brading, PO36 0DQ) wine bar, food - tripadvisor
Yarbridge Inn (Yarbridge Nr Brading, PO36 0AA) pub, food - tripadvisor

North Court Manor (Shorwell Nr Brighstone, PO30 3JG) B&B, cottage - tripadvisor
Sun Inn (Hulverstone Nr Brighstone, PO30 4EH) pub, food, music - tripadvisor

Little Gloster (Gurnard Nr Cowes, PO31 8JQ) restaurant, rooms - tripadvisor, tripadvisor
Red Duster (Cowes, PO31 7RS) restaurant - tripadvisor
Murrays (Cowes, PO31 7AT) restaurant - tripadvisor
The Coast (Cowes, PO31 7BG) restaurant, bar - tripadvisor
Mojacs (Cowes, PO31 7BG) restaurant - tripadvisor
Moocow (Cowes, PO31 7TA) restaurant, cafe - tripadvisor
Jolliffes (Cowes, PO31 7BG) cafe - tripadvisor
Sails (Cowes, PO31 7BG) cafe - tripadvisor
Cowes Ale House (Cowes, PO31 7BE) pub - tripadvisor
Folly Inn (Whippingham Nr Cowes, PO32 6NB) pub, food - tripadvisor

Farringford Cottages (Freshwater, PO40 9PE) cottages - tripadvisor
The Hut (Colwell Bay Nr Freshwater, PO40 9NP) restaurant - tripadvisor
The Piano Cafe (Freshwater, PO40 9PY) cafe - tripadvisor
Red Lion (Freshwater, PO40 9BP) pub, food - tripadvisor

Koala Cottage (Godshill, PO38 3DR) B&B - tripadvisor
Taverners (Godshill, PO38 3HZ) pub, food - tripadvisor

One Holyrood (Newport, PO30 5AU) hotel, restaurant, cafe - tripadvisor
Olivo (Newport, PO30 1SL) restaurant - tripadvisor
The Wheatsheaf (Newport, PO30 1SG) pub, food - tripadvisor
Bargemans Rest (Newport, PO30 5BS) pub, food, music - tripadvisor
Newport Ale House (Newport, PO30 5AZ) pub - tripadvisor

Enchanted Manor (Niton, PO38 2NG) B&B - tripadvisor
Chale Green Stores (Chale Nr Niton, PO38 2JN) cafe - tripadvisor
Buddle Inn (Niton, PO38 2NE) pub, food - tripadvisor

Three Buoys (Ryde, PO33 1ND) restaurant - tripadvisor
Olivo (Ryde, PO33 2LE) restaurant - tripadvisor
Michelangelo (Ryde, PO33 2DL) cafe - tripadvisor
Blacksheep (Ryde, PO33 2LF) bar, cafe, music - tripadvisor
Chocolate Apothecary (Ryde, PO33 2DY) cafe - tripadvisor
No 64 (Ryde, PO33 2AJ) cafe - tripadvisor

Dan's Kitchen (St Helens, PO33 1TS) restaurant - tripadvisor

Fins Beach Cafe (Sandown, PO36 8JX) cafe
Beach Shack (Sandown, PO33 8JS) cafe - tripadvisor
Garlic Farm Cafe (Newchurch Nr Sandown, PO36 0NR) cafe - tripadvisor
Pointer Inn (Newchurch Nr Sandown, PO36 0NN) pub, food - tripadvisor

Seaview Hotel (Seaview, PO34 5EX) hotel, restaurant, bar - tripadvisor, tripadvisor
Dell Café (Puckpool Nr Seaview, PO34 5AR) cafe - tripadvisor
Old Fort (Seaview, PO34 5HB) bar, cafe - tripadvisor
The Boat House (Seaview, PO34 5AW) pub, food, rooms - tripadvisor

Rylstone Manor (Shanklin, PO37 6RG) hotel - tripadvisor
Pendletons (Shanklin, PO37 6NR) restaurant - tripadvisor
Pencil Cottage (Shanklin, PO37 6NU) cafe - tripadvisor
The Salix (Shanklin, PO37 6BQ) cafe - tripadvisor
Tradewinds (Lake Nr Shanklin, PO37 6HU) cafe - tripadvisor

Hambrough (Ventnor, PO38 1SQ) hotel, restaurant - tripadvisor, tripadvisor
Royal Hotel (Ventnor, PO38 1JJ) hotel, restaurant - tripadvisor, tripadvisor
Hillside (Ventnor, PO38 1DR) hotel, restaurant - tripadvisor, tripadvisor
Steephill Cove - Tamarisk and Sea Breeze (Steephill Nr Ventnor, PO38 1AF) B&B
Steephill Cove - Boathouse and Lighthouse (Steephill Nr Ventnor, PO38 1AF) B&B
Steephill Cove - House beside the Sea (Steephill Nr Ventnor, PO38 1UG) B&B
Lisle Combe (Steephill Nr Ventnor, PO38 1UW) B&B - tripadvisor
Apartment 2, Cliffview (Ventnor, PO38 1SQ) apartment - tripadvisor
Chert (Steephill Nr Ventnor, PO38 1UE) house rental
Little Chert (Steephill Nr Ventnor, PO38 1UE) house rental
The Bistro (Ventnor, PO38 1SX) restaurant - tripadvisor
Boathouse (Steephill Nr Ventnor, PO38 1AF) restaurant - tripadvisor
Crab Shed (Steephill Nr Ventnor, PO38 1AF) restaurant, cafe - tripadvisor
Cantina (Ventnor, PO38 1RZ) cafe - tripadvisor
The Tea House (Ventnor, PO38 1RZ) cafe - tripadvisor
The Kitchen at London House (Ventnor, PO38 1RZ) cafe - tripadvisor
Ventnor Exchange (Ventnor, PO38 1SW) cafe, bar, music - tripadvisor
The Beach Shack (Steephill Nr Ventnor, PO38 1AF) cafe - tripadvisor
Ventnor Botanic Gardens (Steephill Nr Ventnor, PO38 1UL) cafe, restaurant - tripadvisor
Cove Coffee Shop (Steephill Nr Ventnor, PO38 1AF) cafe - tripadvisor
Crab and Lobster Tap (Ventnor, PO38 1TH) pub, food, music - tripadvisor
Spyglass Inn (Ventnor, PO38 1JX) pub - tripadvisor
The Met-Italia (Ventnor, PO38 1JP) bar, cafe - tripadvisor

Lakeside Park (Wootton, PO33 4LJ) hotel - tripadvisor
Briddlesford Lodge Farm Cafe (Wootton, PO33 4RY) cafe - tripadvisor

George Hotel (Yarmouth, PO41 0PE) hotel, restaurant, bar - tripadvisor, tripadvisor
On the Rocks (Yarmouth, PO41 0PJ) restaurant - tripadvisor
Blue Crab (Yarmouth, PO41 0PL) restaurant - tripadvisor
Gossips Cafe (Yarmouth, PO41 0NS) cafe - tripadvisor
Butterflies of Yarmouth (Yarmouth, PO41 0PF) cafe - tripadvisor
Off the Rails (Yarmouth, PO41 0QT) cafe - tripadvisor
Bugle Inn (Yarmouth, PO41 0NS) pub, food - tripadvisor
New Inn (Shalfleet Nr Yarmouth, PO30 4NS) pub, food - tripadvisor

Vintage Vacations (Isle of Wight)


Wightlink Ferry (Portsmouth to Fishbourne, Portsmouth to Ryde, Lymington to Yarmouth)
Hovertravel Ferry (Portsmouth to Ryde)
Red Funnel Ferry (Southampton to East and West Cowes)
Cowes Chain Ferry (East and West Cowes)
IOW Buses
IOW Trains

Local Life and History

Historic Ryde Society
Isle of Wight History Centre
Wayne Whittle
Paradise Lost? -The Lost Buildings of the East Wight (IOW)
Invectis - Isle of Wight Nostalgia
Isle of Wight Historic Postcards
Victorian Forts
The Geological Story of the Isle of Wight
Wikipedia (IOW)
Ghost Island (IOW)